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4 Cool & Unusual Places To Take A Vacation

Travelling shouldn’t always be about doing the same old things over and over again. Sometimes you should shift things round to keep things moving forward. Keeping the excitement every time you plan vacation will keep the joy going ensuring you enjoy yourself each and every time. Over the years, there have been many attempts at attracting tourism which means countries and/or cities have invested a lot of money creating theme parks, restaurants and attractions which are a must see. You probably remember the most famous which is the “Ice Hotel” located in Switzerland and other places all over the world. Even though this is an experience which is limited it is still something that keeps excitement and drives people to visit.

Let’s look at 4 cool & usual places you can incorporate into your next vacation plans.

The Seagaia Ocean Dome

This is located in Miyazaki, Japan and was the first every indoor resort and was a huge attraction when it opened. It had an indoor volcano, beach, restaurants and hotels. It was basically an indoor city which was a huge attraction having people visit from all over the world. It ran into some trouble when political issues forced the place to close down in 1997 however they are working at finding a way to reopen. They will need to create it once more but the plans are in talks. Even though they are not currently open, it is a place which should stay on your list.

Check back and see if it has been reopened and you can visit on your next vacation.

The Boot and Breakfast

This is a unique idea and is a hotel like never before because it’s designed like a giant pair of boots. When it firsted open many people thought the owners were crazy however due to the uniqueness it has attracted a huge audience. Once the celebrities started to visit you have an influx of people visitn which is great for the owners and the local city.

It’s located in New Zealand which makes it even a nicer vacation because you can always see the city while your staying at the Boot and Breakfast.

Fiji Islands

With crystal clear blue waters, tropical floral scented breeze, soothing shore echoing the sound of the sea, it’s no wonder the world is attracted to this destination. It’s a little on the steep side as a package will cost you $2,500 per person but it’s an experience like no other. You’ve seen beaches and water however this place gives you a completely different type of view. When you purchase a package, you have local clubs, restaurants, beaches and more!

Metroplis, Illinois

 This is for all you big Superman fans. There actually a place which is Superman’s hometown and the Metropolis is the only city in the world dedicated to Superman. Everywhere you go in the city you have Superman fans and it’s perfect for lovers. For those extra Superman loving fans, it’s important to go in June when the city puts on a festival called “The Superman Celebration” which attracts book collectors and fans from all over the United States.